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Multifunctional packing machine UPM-3 (Out of production) Print E-mail
Packing machine UPM-3

     In December of 2006, we began to manufacture the utterly new packing machine model UPM-3. Its production utilizes only state-of-the-art manufacturing and electronic technology. The packing machine is controlled by electronic microcontroller, which provides high functionality, operation control, daily work calculation, and record of the total machine running time. Packing machines of this series are specially equipped for modernization. On the base of UPM-3 chassis, models with built-in electronic weighing-machine are produced. Such weighing-machine provides tariffing of packing process, depending on the weight of cargo. Models with modified platforms (for packaging of large-size cargos) and with illuminated advertisement are ready for manufacturing.


     Since June of 2007, all the packing machines UPM-3 have been equipped with chip-based PWM-controllers of gear-motor drive, providing the smooth start of the turntable engine and electronic protection from mechanical overload.


                                                                               Specifications for packing machine UPM-3:

  Dimensions, mm:   
    Length  1600
    Width  760
    Height  1270
  Weight, kg:  
    Net weight  180
    Weight of the set with package  300
  Power supply:  Battery 12 V, 75 A*h
  Average power consumption during packing:  120 W
  Average standby power consumption:  0.5 W
  Adjustable revolution number of turntable  1 - 9 (electronic)
  Maximal revolution rate of turntable:  22 rpm
  Electronic non-nullable fiscal counter:   Nonvolatile
  Film consumption (per roll):  300-350 packages
  Operation:  1 person
  Luggage dimensions (max), mm:  1500*800*1000
  Maximal weight of cargo, kg:  75
  Average packing time for one piece of luggage, min:  1.0-1.5
  Noise level:  less 55 dB

Attention to our customers! As from 1 January 2009 stops the production range of packaging machinery series UPM-3. Due to the large number of design differences in the machines series UPM-3S and UPM-3M, further production will be carried out by an independent series: Warehouse packaging machine UPM-10 and Mobile baggage wrapper UPM-20, respectively.

Technical support and warranty service owners go to the production series equipment will follow the conclusion of the contract.

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