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Multifunctional packing machine UPM-4 (Out of production) Print E-mail
Packing machine UPM-4  

UPM-4 is a promising product with function of automatic film lift up to 1.2 m (for packaging of large height cargos) and semiautomatic turntable.


Functional capabilities: 

- Preliminary film stretching up to 250%;
- Adjustable revolution rate of the turntable;
- Manual and automatic modes of the film cassette up- and down-lifting;

- Electronic overload protection.


Optionally, the basic model can be equipped with: built-in three-point electronic weighing-machine (with 100 g resolution), note receiver, electronic information display, and operator call system.


The entire line of packaging machines series UPM-4 was originally completed with remote control module, allowing the process of packing without contact with the control panel packing machine.

                                                                          Specification for packing machine UPM-4:

  Dimensions, mm:   
    Length  1780
    Width  760
    Height  1680
  Turntable dimensions, mm:  
    Diameter  730
    Height from floor  380
  Power supply:

  Battery 12 V, 70 A*h


  AC 220V 50Hz (1 phase)

  Adjustable revolution number of turntable:  1 - 9 (electronic)
  Maximal revolution rate of turntable:  22 rpm
  Electronic non-nullable fiscal counter:  Nonvolatile
  Film consumption (per roll):  200-250 packages (depending on cargo dimensions)
  Operation:  1 person
  Luggage dimensions (max), mm:  1200*600*400
  Maximal weight of cargo, kg:  180
  Average packing time for one piece of luggage, min:  1.5-2.0 (depending on cargo height)

Attention customers! As from 1 January 2009 ceases production model UPM-4, instead of starting production of packaging machines with the lifting of stretch-film UPM-25. Technical and warranty service owners UPM-4 will be implemented in accordance with the conclusion of the contract.

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