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Warehouse packaging machine UPM-10 Print E-mail
Warehous stretch-wrapping machine UPM-10

Warehouse packaging machine UPM-10 has inherited the best design solutions of packing machine UPM-3S.


The enforced mechanical assemblies used in UPM-10 allow to pack heavy-weight cargos. However, the case of this baggage-packing machine is not streamline as soon as it is not proposed for passenger service.


The weighing machine built-in in this model is equipped with PC interface which allows to record the cargo traffic. Usually, these packing machines are equipped with power supply for continuous 24-hour operation in storehouses.

The control panel of warehouse packaging machines UPM-10


The reliability is proved by usage of modern materials and components made in Russia and USA.


Direct drive of a turntable (without chains or chainblocks) provides high efficiency and smooth start of the packing machine.


The packaging machine can be equipped with standard 12V car battery for the production of packaging without moving goods to the warehouse.


Electronic protection stops engines if mechanical or thermal overload occurs, and starts them back automatically when overload is eliminated. The block of diagnostics and control analyzes the level of accumulator charge (voltage of power supply in stationary design) and power consumption.


Nonvolatile fiscal counter allows to trace the number of packages per shift and total number of packages for a given machine.


Optionally, packing machine can be equipped with built-in electronic weighing-machine.


Packing machine is ready to use in 4 seconds after turning on - when self-diagnostics is complete.


                                                                               Specifications for packing machine UPM-10:

  Dimensions, mm:   
    Length  1600
    Width  760
    Height  1200
  Weight, kg:  
    Net weight  200
    Weight of the set with package  320
  Power supply:  Battery 12 V, 75 A*h or power source ~AC/=12 V 35 A
  Average power consumption during packing:  120 W
  Average standby power consumption:  0.5 W
  Adjustable revolution number of turntable  1 - 9 (electronic)
  Maximal revolution rate of turntable:  22 (30) rpm
  Electronic non-nullable fiscal counter:  Nonvolatile
  Film consumption (per roll):  200-250 packages
  Operation:  1 person
  Cargo dimensions (max), mm:  1300*600*650
  Maximal weight of cargo, kg:  75 (100)
  Average packing time for one piece of cargo, min:  2.0-2.5
  Noise level:  less 55 dB
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