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Mobile luggage wrapping machine UPM-20

The luggage packing machine is designed for wrapping of luggage (suitcases, bags, boxes, etc.) into plastic stretch film. The machines are used in passenger customers services, in freight terminals and store holders.


The turntable is covered with a thick layer of oil- and gasoline-proof rubber for easier table surface servicing.


This model can be optionally equipped with wireless operator call system and remote control device, allowing operator to start and stop the machine and to change revolution number of the turntable without the control panel.

The control panel of luggage packaging machine UPM-20


The special shape trolley allows passengers the most convenient approach to packaging equipment, and boat-tailed thumbs protect passengers from injuries and bruises in a dense traffic.


Application of the standard 12V car battery for power packing machine is achieved light weight, high maneuverability and transportation packing machine in any part of the airport. A single battery charge enough for packing 250-300 units of luggage.


Using direct drive of turntable provides a low noise level during the packaging process.


Electronic non-nullable fiscal counter tracks the number of packages produced per shift and all-time work packaging machines.


Nonvolatile fiscal counter allows to trace the number of packages per shift and total number of packages for a given machine.


Optionally, packing machine can be equipped with built-in electronic weighing-machine.


Packing machine is ready to use in 4 seconds after turning on - when self-diagnostics is complete.


                                                                               Specifications for packing machine UPM-20:

  Dimensions, mm:   
    Length  1600
    Width  760
    Height  1270
  Weight, kg:  
    Net weight  180
    Weight of the set with package  300
  Power supply:  Battery 12 V, 75 A*h or power source ~AC/=12 V 35 A
  Average power consumption during packing:  120 W
  Average standby power consumption:  0.5 W
  Adjustable revolution number of turntable  1 - 9 (electronic)
  Maximal revolution rate of turntable:  22 rpm
  Electronic non-nullable fiscal counter:  Nonvolatile
  Film consumption (per roll):  200-250 packages
  Operation:  1 person
  Luggage dimensions (max), mm:  1300*600*650
  Maximal weight of cargo, kg:  75
  Average packing time for one piece of luggage, min:  1.0-1.5
  Noise level:  less 55 dB
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