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The packing equipment for the airports, warehouses and minimanufactures Print E-mail

· Theft-protection of your luggage or cargo; unnoticeable unsealing becomes impossible.

· Damage-, scratch-, oil-, moisture-, snow-, dust-, and dirt-protection of cargo during loading and unloading.

· Packed furniture gets no damage; cases and boxes do not fall apart.

Packing in the stretch film - a reliable protection for your suitcases, backpacks, boxes and bags, an effective means to prevent theft and inadvertent disclosure of your luggage.


· Packing of luggage in a durable multilayer plastic cocoon.

· Packing of several boxes and bags into one for easier handling.

· Packing of several different cargos assigned for one destination into a single package to simplify work of the carrier company.

Stretch Luggage Wrapper Machine UPM-20

Stretch-Machine for packing high cargoes UPM-25

Warehouse packing machine UPM-10, refuelling stretch-film

Packing machine UPM-10, process packing in a stretch-film

        Mobile packing machine is a wonderful opportunity for development of your own highly profitable  business with minimal investments. This business has recently begun to develop in the major airports all over the world.

        Recoupment of investment is 1 to 3 months, depending on the service handling capacity; it provides fast increase with low costs of operational supply.

        Your potential sites of service may be airport terminals, train stations, big shopping centers, store holders, freight terminals. As packing machine is mobile, it can provide service to several terminals in one airport or train station. It is operable by a single person without any special training.

        Some simple numbers:

        An average market price of one roll (1500 m) of film with high stretching capacity (250%) and durability is about $50-60. Such roll is sufficient for 250-300 luggage packages. An average packing costs $5-6, so an average daily income is about $1000-1500. It will not take much time to cover the initial investment.
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