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      The idea of packaging machinery manufacturing came to us in 1994, when luggage thefts became frequent on international and domestic flights in Russia.


      In spite of security measures in airports and train stations, many passengers still complain to carrier companies because of lost, stolen or damaged luggage.


      A mobile wrapping machine, which has no analogues in Russian manufacture, significantly decreases such losses and their costly subsequences both for carrier companies and cargo owners. It is impossible to unseal the packed luggage without damaging the plastic wrap. So, the luggage packing serves as a warranty that this particular cargo has not been opened since check-in.


      Besides that, more and more passengers worry about appearance of their luggage. It is well known that carrier companies seldom think about cleanness in the luggage compartment, and the damaged contents of some cargo may inflict unrecoverable damage both to appearance and contents of other cargos.



      To provide safety of cargos, we have developed a packing machine, and its usage has shown high demand for the luggage packing service.


      The main principle underlying the packing machine operation is the usage of special polyethylene stretch film with high extension factor. Before wrapping of cargo, a special mechanism called “prestretch” stretches film to 200-250% of its original length. The stretched film covers the cargo tightly providing an impenetrable cocoon. The loose end of the film is fixed with a scotch tape.


      Such packing technique and packing machines are popular not only in airports (for packing of passengers’ luggage), but also in freight terminals, transport companies, manufacturers and providers of consumer goods.


      In 2005, we obtained a patent #2283800, and in 2006 a specification 5151-001-18739119-2006 according to the machinery production was registered.



      Our equipment is certified (a valid certificate of conformity  ROSS RU.AU64.V18864), and used in packaging machines weighing equipment is delivered on the Rights of the regional representative JSC "Tenzo-M", whose products enjoy well-deserved popularity not only in Russia but also for overseas.


      Every year we show our products at the International specialized exhibition "Rosupak": Packaging machines and technology; equipment for making packaging. Packaging materials; containers and packaging accessories. Warehouse services and logistics, handling equipment. Packaging for all branches of industry.



      The detailed characteristics for model series of packing machines UPM-1, UPM-2, UPM-3 and UPM-4 are under Production menu.

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